Abie Loy (Kemarre)

DOB: 1972
Language Anmatyerre
Region Central Desert

About Artist:
Abie Loy began painting in 1994 under the formidable guidance of her famous grandmother, Kathleen Petyarre who imparted the methodology for certain depth-of -field of tiny shimmering dots in her highly delicate, Bush Hen Dreaming paintings. Abie's unique signature style of painting has brought her critical acc that postures Loy at the leading edge of the Australian contemporary art movement.

Abie Loy is included in many of Australia's public Gallery collections and several in the USA, as well as in private collections including the Kerry Stokes Collection in Perth.

She has participated in several solo exhibitions in Australia and has also exhibited in group exhibitions in Japan, the US, the Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia as well as in numerous Australian exhibitions.