Bernard Tjalkuri

Bernard Tjalkuri

About Artist:
Bernard Tjalkuri was born by the Waltja rockhole in the bush close to the homeland of Kunumata in the far north west of the Piltantjatjara Lands of northern South Australia in 1930.

Bernardís motherís country is Watarru and his fatherís place is Aparatjara, located near Kanpi community.

Bernard lived a traditional nomadic life in the desert prior to contact with Europeans. He remembers seeing whitefellaís travelling through his country as they headed west to the Warburton Mission when he was a young man.

Bernard has the authority to paint many stories associated with his traditional country He is an important community elder with a wealth of knowledge of the Law or Tjukurpa. This cultural knowledge is handed down orally in the retelling of the Tjukurpa (traditional stories of the ancestor's journeys), which not only sustains Anangu (Aboriginal people) physically, but socially and spiritually. Tjukurpa painting depicts a fragment of a larger story, a living history where an ancestor was involved in creating country. Individuals have authority and ownership of this land and the associated sites and stories. The maintenance of this country is paramount to artists of Watarru and they continue to care and manage the land with respect and responsibility.


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