Louise Daniels

DOB: 1966
Community Tangentyere
Language Anmatyrre
Region Laramba

About Artist:
Louise was born in Alice Springs but grew up in Laramba, her mother's country. Her Uncle taught her to paint. She has painted at Laramba, selling her paintings in Laramba and Tilmouth Wells. She now lives in Alice Springs where she has two children in school.

In the past Louise has painted dot paintings of bush tucker and women's Dreaming. her technique is exacting and her work is always meticulously executed. In 2011 Louise began to make beautiful earings from bottle tops that she then paints with her cousins and aunts.

At the same time Louise began exploring social issues that are important to her through her painting, such as diet, health and wellbeingn - a sign of her growing confidence as an artist who seeks to communicate with her audience.