Susan Wanji Wanji

DOB: 1955
Born: Maningrida, Arnhemland, NT
Skin Miyatinga Pandanus Tree
Dance Mantupunga - Tuna Fish
Community Munupi, Melville Island

About Artist:
Susan grew up in Maningrida and as a young girl learnt to make bark paintings and intricately woven mats and baskets. She started working at Munupi Arts & Crafts (Yikikinni Women’s Centre) in 1990 and has since developed a unique style that has influence from both Tiwi and Arnhem Land cultures.

Susan works on canvas and paper with ochres, acrylics or gouache, limited edition lino prints and etchings. Susan is also a fine weaver and Tunga (bark basket) craftsperson. Her art is included in many National and International Collections.

In 1992 Susan Wanji Wanji travelled to Paris representing Munupi Arts & Crafts and assisted with the hanging of the women’s centre exhibition.

Susan often creates her dotted lines, Jilamara Designs, using a wooden comb called a Pwoja. The teeth of the comb are dipped in ochre mixed with adhesive and rolled across the canvas in sections.


National Gallery of Australia
Queensland University of Technology
Australian Embassy, Paris
Flinders University, Adelaide
Australian National Maritime Museum
Art Gallery of South Australia
National Native Title Tribunal, NT
APAMANA ( Asia Pacific Arts), Netherlands
Australian National University
Macquarie University, NSW
Queensland Art Gallery
Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
Levi Kaplan Collection, Seattle, USA
The Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo, Norway

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